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Your Technology Journey Starts With Us

Your Technology Journey  Starts With Us

Pursue what inspires you

It’s the talent, skill and passion that each individual brings that truly makes Column what it is!

If you’re passionate about technology, we invite you to explore jobs at Column and discover opportunities to pursue whatever inspires you. Careers at Column Technical Services provide technology staffing solutions to help our customers accomplish their goals.

Our Commitment

Column Technical Services is committed to fostering a work culture that stimulates performance, collaboration and innovation. It is where diversity, recognition and work-life balance play an important role.

With 20 years of experience, Column is a premier provider with an extensive customer network. We offer technology professionals job opportunities on a contract, contract to hire or direct placement basis.


We have open jobs that align with your skills and career goals.

Consult Programs

At Column, our most treasured asset is our technical consultant. We take great strides to ensure that their job satisfaction, vacation/holidays, health benefits and life insurance are top priorities. Column Consultant Managers communicate with their consultants and are a constant tie to the organization. 

Job Satisfaction

At Column, our goal to provide a challenging corporate culture that motivates our consultants to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. We achieve this with continuous communication, recognition, and consistent management support.


Column Technical Services has a generous program to ensure that our consultants receive appropriate compensation and/or time off throughout their employment. 

Medical, Dental, Vision & Life Insurance Benefits

Every consultant is eligible to receive medical, dental and vision  insurance benefits after 30 days of employment. These benefits include short-term and Long-term disability.

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